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Shopolu local Partner: Open your own Classifieds Site

Be Your Own Boss! - Now is your chance

Start your own local/national Classifieds or auction website. With the right idea & marketing your site has the potential to make a lot of money! You can even do this part-time.

Become a partner and join the E3Hub network of sellers. Run your own auction or classifieds website such as a used car auto trader site, a national real estate site, a local collage/high school classifieds or perhaps a vintage guitar auction site. Start your own eBay, kijiji or craigslist Sky's the limit!

Your branding, Your own look & feel. Simply come up with a name and a logo for your site. You can customize your site, set your own listing fees, choose your site categories & manage your members. Choose from 12 templates or design your own. You could even add a classifieds site to your current website or corporate intranet.

Run your business from your laptop from your home. It's that easy. 

Classifieds site setup & admin manual: Click Here

Are you ready? Start earning money! Open your classifieds site today! Click Here

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